Sunday, February 6, 2011

My newest addition to Etsy!

I've been having so much fun crocheting sweet treats that don't add a single inch to your waistline! These are made from 100% pure love and cuteness, certified organic! LOL
Check them out...I can even customize them with your favorite "cake" & "frosting" -- and your choice of "sprinkles" or "cherry" on top.
Makes a great addition to a little girl's tea party set.

***Original idea was from Debi Y. -- I just began with a few less stitches at the bottom and increased a few on the way up, for more of a conical shape to the cake section of the cupcake, and then went down 1 hook size when crocheting the edge of the frosting so it would be tighter and curl up a bit. You can find the original pattern here on Debi's blog, "Hooks, Yarns, Crafts & Gardening"
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  1. Michele, Thank you so very much for the sweet comment regarding my Prayer Canvas. I appreciate your words.

    Your cupcakes are darling!!!:)

    Have a wonderful week. And if you do create something representing your faith...please share with me. I am already a Follower!!


  2. I stumbled your cute treats. Hopefully you can stop by my blog and stumble one of my posts. Oh, I also am a new follower. I would love a follow back and if you could follow me on Twitter, Facebook & Networked Blogs that would be awesome!

    Thanks, Misty

  3. Michele - your cupcakes are yummy looking. Thanks for the link. :)