Monday, June 28, 2010

Zucchini as 'pasta' -- It's amazingly tasty!

Once I began monitoring the amount of carbohydrates I consumed, I realized that pasta was on our menu way too often. I'm not saying carbs are bad for everyone, but both of my parents and both grandmothers had/have type 2 diabetes, so I have to be super careful not to follow in their paths.

This has led me to so many delicious low carb recipes, but I especially like this one since it's so incredibly versatile.

1. Wash and cut ends off of 1 medium to large zucchini per person.

2. Julienne into very thin strips using a mandolin slicer, or by hand (but it takes forever this way.)

3. Once it's all in thin strips, toss with salt and pepper, and about 1-2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

4. Then saute quickly in a non-stick skillet on medium-high heat for only about 1-2 minutes. You just want to soften them slightly.

That's it! Now just top it with whatever you normally would if you'd boiled spaghetti noodles:

Marinara sauce (with meat or without)
Alfredo sauce
Or one of my favorite ways, which is to toss the cooked "pasta" with a mixture of sauteed onions, finely minced garlic, parmesan cheese, and fresh parsley. Yum!

You're only limited by your imagination.



  1. Thank you for posting this recipe! It sounds delicious and I'm in the same "avoid health problems NOW" boat even though I wish I was taking it more seriously.

    This makes me want to run to the grocery store and pick up zucchini ASAP!

  2. Looks easy enough. Maybe I will make this for my vegetarian sister sometime instead of regular pasta.

  3. Omg! Can I say I barely know you and I love you! This is an AWESOME idea. I hate having to eat rice pasta because its so tasteless. This definitely will have some flavor.

  4. I love this idea! Now I'm wishing I had planted more zucchini plants. I will definitely be trying this next week.

  5. It most definitely has a delicious flavor and thanks for the love! LOL

    Zucchini is just so incredibly versatile, and best of all, it's healthy, low fat, low carb, low cal!! How can ya beat that? ♥

  6. Can I pass it off to my family and daycare as noodles? Is it close enough covered? Sorta curious as zucchini will be in season in another month or so.
    Take care and God Bless.